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For this command which I enjoin on you today is not too
mysterious and remote for you. It is not up in the sky, that
you should say, "Who will go up in the sky to get it for us
and tell us of it, that we may carry it out?" Nor is it across
the sea, that you should say, "Who will cross the sea to
get it for us and tell us of it, that we may carry it out?" No,
it is something very near to you, already in your mouths,
and in your heart; you have only to carry it out.

Here, then I have today set before you life and prosperity,
death and doom. If you obey the commandments of the Lord,
your God, which I enjoin on you today, loving him, and walk-
ing in his ways, and keeping his commandments, statutes and
decrees, you will live and grow numerous, and the Lord, your
God, will bless you in the land you are entering to occupy.

Deuteronomy 30: 11-16
New American Bible


Take time to listen to what is said without words,
to obey the law too subtle to be written, to worship
the unnamable and to embrace the unformed.

Lao-Tzu (circa 4th century BC)
Philosopher of Ancient China


These three instructions, plus meditation,
contain the only rule of life that any dis-
ciple need: detachment; realization of God
as the Giver; and unruffled patience. As
long as we fail in any one of these three,
we still have a serious spiritual
defect to overcome.

Sri Gyanamata
Hindu student of Paramahansa Yogananda

Many people would like to attend what they call an
advanced class in metaphysics, but what could an
advanced course include that would not be in
the ordinary lessons?

The usual metaphysical classes teach that God is the
only power, and the evil is insubstantial; that we form
our own destiny by our thought and our beliefs; that
conditions do not matter when we pray; that time and
space are human illusions; that there is a solution to
every problem; that man is the child of God, and God
is perfect good; that Jesus Christ is the one who taught
the full truth about God, and actually demonstrated it.

Once the student has obtained a correct intellectual
comprehension of these facts, and digested them --
at least partially -- the only thing that remains for him
is to develop his understanding by demonstrating
them in practice...

So we see that the real advanced course is the one we
give ourselves by demonstrating over the practical
problems of everyday life.

Excerpted from "Around the Year With Emmet Fox,"
by Emmet Fox
HarperSanFrancisco, 1950


While spirituality requires practice, primarily a
solitary activity, the fullness of the spiritual life
involves relationships with others and participation
in their struggles, vulnerabilities and joys.
This is living spirituality.

From "The Mystic Hours,"
by Wayne Teasdale (1945-2004)
American monk, teacher and author
New World Library, 2004


Then an expert on the law stood up to test Jesus, saying,
"Teacher, what must I do to get life forever?"

Jesus answered, "What is written in the law?
What do you read there?"

The man answered, "Love the Lord your God with all
your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your
mind." Also, "Love your neighbor as you love yourself."

Jesus said to him, "Your answer is right.
Do this and you will live."

Luke 10:  25-28
The Holy Bible
New Century Version


What, then, is this duty which for each one of us is the
very essence of our perfection? It is twofold: a general
obligation which God imposes on all mankind; and specific
obligations which he prescribes for each individual. God in-
volves each one if different circumstances in which to carry
out his purpose. He binds us to his love and influences our
purpose so that it may become the object of his grace, show-
in his mercy by asking from each one no more than he is
able to give...'Fear God, and keep his commandments; for
this is the whole duty of man' (Ecclesiastes 12:13). Which
is to say, that is all men must do for their part; it is their
living  faith. Let them do it, God will do the rest. Grace
alone will perform the miracles passing the understanding
of men, for the ear has not heard nor the eye seen nor the
heart felt, what God conceives in his mind, resolves
in his will and by his power performs in souls
(1 Corinthians 2: 9).

Excerpted from "The Sacrament of the Present Moment,"
by Jean-Pierre de Caussaude (1675-1751)
HarperSanFrancisco, 1966

And now, the Last Word:

Love Him as a miser loves money, as an
ardent man loves his sweetheart, as a
drowning person loves breath. When
you yearn for God with intensity,
He will come to you.

Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952)
Hindu guru














































































Bonus quote:

Every man prays in his own language, and there
is no language that God does not understand.

Duke Ellington (1899-1974)
Jazz composer, pianist



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