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    At a Bronx Catholic school in 1964, Sister Aloysius
    harbors doubts about the charismatic parish priest
    and his relationship with an altar boy. Sustained by
    blind faith, she already has taken the leap from
    suspicion to disapproval to judgement. But are
    Father Flynn's actions innocent? A test of wills
    ensues. As the debate over moral certainty unfolds,
    audiences wrestle with conscience and ambiguity.

    "Doubt" is the winner of the 2005 Tony Award for Best Play,
    and the 2005 Pulitzer Prize, as well as the NY Drama Critics
    Circle Award, Drama Desk, Drama League, and Obie Award for
    Best Play.

    "Doubt," plays the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles Sept.  22-  
    Oct. 29 Cherry Jones and Adrianne Lennox will reprise the roles
    that earned them Broadway's prestigious Tony Awards.

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    by Bill Wright (

    JULY 21-AUGUST 2, 2006
    Friday, June 28, 2006 (Day Six)

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TODAY'S THEME:  Oh, The Children
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For you who hang in longer than the rest, a bonus

"Once the game is over, the king and the pawn go
back in the same box."

--Italian proverb
Bill Wright is a Texas photographer with five photographic books to his credit. He has
work in public and private collections including the British Library in London; the
National Museum of American Art in Washington; the Smithsonian Institute in
Washington; and the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas,
Austin. He recently made a trip to Afghanistan to teach some children there the
fundamentals of photography, and kept a journal of his experiences.

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I wish I could begin by saying I woke up but I
didn’t because I never went to sleep! All night
I tried to get comfortable enough to drift off but
never did. It was just a slow mental tugging of
my watch’s hour hand to get me closer to day-
light when I could get a little pain relief.

By 8 am I couldn’t wait longer and called for the
hotel doc. Soon there was a knock at the door
and the floor manager walked in with a first aid
kit. We broke out an ice pak and they got in touch
with the doc’s office and it wasn’t long before he
called back and suggested their equivalent of
Advil. I was already on that program but decided
to give it a chance to work. Come to think of it ---
what choice did I have?

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And now, the Last Word:
Photo: Stephen Bowman
The Lord said to Abram, after Lot had left
him, "Raise your eyes and look from where
you are to the north and south and east and
west. For I will give all the land that you see
to you and to your children and to your
children's children forever. I will make your
family after you like the dust of the eath. So
if anyone could number the dust of the
earth, then he could number your children's
children. Rise up and walk far and wide
upon the land. For I will give it to you." Then
Abram moved his tent and came to live
among the oaks of Mamre in Hebron. There
he build an altar to the Lord.

Genesis 13: 14-18
The Holy Bible, New Life Version
A young person is like fire. With direction
and guidance, he or she can change the
very shape of the world. Without
direction, the fires of youth are wasted at
best, while at worst, they can become a
dangerous, destructive force. To lead a
meaningful life means harnessing the fires
of youth...

From "Toward a Meaningful Life: The Wisdom of the Rebbe
Menachem Mendel Schneerson" by Simon Jacobson
Perennial Currents, 1995
Photo: Stephen Bowman
People were bringing little children to
Jesus. They wanted him to touch them. But
the disciples told the people to stop.

When Jesus saw this, he was angry. He
said to his disciples, "Let the little children
come to me. Don't keep them away. God's
kingdom belongs to people like them.
What I'm about to tell you is true. Anyone
who will not receive God's kingdom life a
little child will never enter it."

Then he took the children in his arms. He
put his hands on them and blessed them.

Mark 10: 13-16
The Holy Bible, New International Reader's Version
Don't limit a child to your own learning,
for he was born in another time.
Rabbinical Saying
If you can give your son or daughter
only one gift, let it be enthusiasm.

Bruce Barton (1886-1967)
Co-founded BBDO ad agency, creator of the character Betty
Crocker and author of many guides to personal success.
But Jesus, as He perceived the
thoughts of their hearts, took a little
child and put him at His side, and
told them, "Whoever receives and
accepts and welcomes this child in
My name and for My sake receives
and accepts and welcomes Me; and
whoever so receives Me so also
receives Him Who sent Me. For he
who is least and lowliest among you
all -- he is (the one who is truly) great.

Luke 9:47-48
Amplified Bible
God bless us every one!

Charles Dickens (1812-1870)
From 'A Christmas Carol'
Tiny Tim's prayer