This page is for Jack,

Our Forever Friend,
who was so very elegant,
yet who brought so much
silliness into
our house.

We love you, Buddrick.

Until we meet again,

Chuck, Lisa and
Stephen Bowman

Dakota, CJ and Tex are loved by Chuck, Lisa and Stephen Bowman

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Pets, whether with four or two legs; fur, scales or feathers, might
just be God's secret mortal order of angels. Somehow, they
effortlessly teach humans that our hearts are indeed, capable of
loving with utterly unconditional abandon. We calmly scrub the
carpet, sweep up furry tumbleweeds, scoop clumps of kitty litter,
and wipe up vomit without complaint.

We don't ask our pets to treat us "right," go to college, remember
our birthday or take care of us when we get old. All they have to
do for us to love them is to exist. And how we do love them!

"And so," the Lord asks us, "will you not love your human
brothers and sisters with this same abandon? For that is
how I love you."

Thank you, Lord, for these gentle, magnificent teachers.

-- Lisa Bowman





















Buster the dog    BUSTER

For Buster: He was the sunshine in our hearts, the sweetest friend
we could never dream of. The precious time he was with
us will be remembered with fondness and warmth.

Buster is loved by Marilyn and Ray Fisher.




Olivia is loved by "Mick" and Heidi Hepler-Ramo.



            Smooth Tyler, Jr., is loved by Dominick Ziola.            ___________________________________________________


For Lucy Bear...

From the moment I found you, there on the side of the street, your eyes looked
straight into my heart as you offered me love, so purely. We took you home and
at first, we thought you should have a family of your own. So we went searching,
but then mother realized you belonged with us, and you became part of the family.

At first we didn't know what to call you, but when we heard the name Lucy, we
knew it was the perfect fit, especially when we realized under all that fur you were
a strawberry blond. You were a great friend to Kippy, there with him to the very
end, sweet with him even when he chased you around.  And you comforted
us when he was gone.

For two years you gave love, gave strength, gave comfort to us in a way no
one else could. I don't know where you lived before those two years with us but
sometimes I imagine you were created in that moment I found you, just for us,
to be our little angel and take care of us, remind us how much we are capable
of loving and giving and how courageous we must learn to be.

In those last few months, through all the tough times, you were always brave,
always dignified, never a burden, always so sweet and such a good friend, a
best friend. I will miss most that look you gave me when I held you and your
head turned up to mine and your eyes looked deep into mine. I will miss your
sweet sleeping self, dreaming of worlds I cannot see, asleep on your little paw,
legs crossed. I will miss you coming up and leaning against my legs, running
down the halls looking for us, the softness of your fur, the sadness in your sighs.
I will miss your little circus tricks, the way you loved running around in the rain,
watching you sleep in the sun and crawl into the aloe plants for comfort.

I'm glad now there will be no more pain or suffering, but still it is so hard to let you
go, to say goodbye, my little honey bear, my Lucy bell, my little love. You will never
be forgotten. I am so grateful that you came into our lives, even if it was only for a
short time, and I am grateful I got to spend the last three months with you. Now
you are in the wind and the sun, the snow and the earth, the most beautiful mo-
ments of life. You remind us to love unselfishly and unconditionally; be true to
our hearts; open up to the wonder and mystery of life so we can connect with
other beings; be as brave as life demands us to be; live each day fully,
grow old gracefully; and die with dignity.

You teach us that life is fragile and precious and that love never dies. You
will always be part of us, part of our family, part of our hearts. And you will
be missed...

May you rest now in peace, in heaven where I know you are, running with Kippy
and Sandy, with a clear mind and a strong heart, steady legs and great teeth.
I love you always, Luce.

--Hayley Taylor Block


    Lucy Bear and Chloe are loved by Alex, Jodi and Hayley Block.


                                             Ziggy is loved by Marjorie and David Lawler.


We had been looking for a dog for some time, going to different animal shelters
and wondering where our doggie would be. One day we ambled into the Burbank
Animal Shelter and my husband Charles said, "What about this one?"  I wasn't
too impressed with the sad pile of dog who barely glanced up at me.  We took
her to the great doggie run in the back and before my eyes a wild woman came
forth running and leaping all over the place. Charles was looking to me for
'expertise' as I had previously had a Saint Bernard and this 90 lb. tornado looked
like a small dog to me. With a leash in hand I walked about trying to appear in
control all the while praying and 'insisting' that I receive a sign about this crazy
creature on the end of the leash.

When we picked up 'dog' at the vets having been 'fixed' and generally modified,
the Dr. said, "This is really a 'love muffin'."  Can you tell my relief as I
whispered.....thank you God. So, dog came home with us and was named
'Yuki Ko' by Tomiko, our Japanese friend. Yuki's creamy white and her name
means 'snow' in Japanese (the Ko is for a female).

What has amazed me, besides never owning a dog with such charisma, is the
overriding feeling that Yuki was created by God. That God does indeed love all
His creatures and that His spirit infuses all of life. Our maniac has turned into
our great joy and blessing and brings smiles to everyone who encounters her.  
On my part she's taught me to treasure each moment, to be fully present at all
times and to always be on alert for a cookie!

This is what Yuki said in her first Christmas card with us:

"Dreams do come true....as I lay on the cold concrete at the Animal Shelter,
I would dream of a warm bed and food beyond imagining. Somewhere there
had to be love and play and happy doggie times. I found it with my new family
and asked them to send you this message."

"May you always have lots of Frisbee time and squirrels to chase. Long romps
to lighten the heart and bring joy to all. May your kibble bowl runneth over and
may there be extra treats and surprises.

May you always have adventures and friends to share them with and when you
sleep at night may you be blessed with a soft pillow and lovely, sweet dreams."

--Nan Rae Parker

                       Yuki Ko is loved by Charles and Nan Rae Parker.


                                               Rosie is loved by Dave and Lenda Honegger.



                                     JACK AND GRACE

It is not a small thing to be loved by these little souls.  And it keeps me going,
even when the loss seems too much to bear.  Each one has taught me some-
thing: To sniff the autumn air even at the last, to eat chocolate even if it isn't
good for you, to never be too busy for a hug.

My rescued ones have shown me that forgiveness is always possible, that it
lightens the heart and makes the tail wag again.  The Scottish poet, Robert
Burns, remembered one of his as "the harried orphan who found tender refuge
in our hungry hearts." Mine have filled my heart to overflowing, they have
blessed my life, and I pray that they will always find tender refuge with me.  

--- Susan Johnson

Sunny, Jack and Grace are loved by Ken, Susan and Katie Johnson.


  SIERRA                                         SONIC

                 Sierra and Sonic are loved by Suellen Fry.



      Kona is loved by Tony and Sheila Ganino.



  Fred is loved by Michael, Mindy and Dane Cannon.


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and FRED     

       Hank, Apples and Fred are loved by Peter and Suzie Kredenser.




     Chalkey is loved by Stacey Kitteridge.



   Valentino is loved by Larry and Marilyn Wagner.


                                                                                               AND PUNKIN

  MEWSETTE (who turned out to be a male!)

Photos of Martin Buxbaum and his beloved cats courtesy of Kate Buxbaum-Prado


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This new guy, I have in my life, Is thoughtful as can be.

When I walk in, he lets me know, I'm all he wants to see.

He watches every move I make, and hates when I go out.

He misses me, and kisses me, and never yells or shouts.

He is a knight in armor, as he checks the house at night.

I never have to feel afraid, when I turn out the lights.

He doesn't care how much I shop, or just how much I spend,

He is a woman's find alright...

though they call him "man's best friend."

Kate Buxbaum-Prado



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Jacob is loved by Kate Buxbaum-Prado, Rev. Rosemary
Buxbaum-Redding, Dave Redding and David Martin Redding.

Rev. Rosemary Redding is the founder of His Heart Ministries Inc.



Bear is loved by Rob Bowman.