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Published 10-24-11    The Religion Network publishes every Monday

Ann Landers, Anita Roddick, T. D. Jakes, Mahatma Gandhi, Sanskrit verse,
Kahlil Gibran, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Louis Stevenson


Dear Readers,

Success is driven by inner hunger. If the hunger is planted in the
desire to love God and His people, success is defined in one way.
If the inner hunger is mired in insecurities and greed, success
will be defined in quite another way. How we define a successful
life reveals what drives us. Here are some useful elements
in living a successful life of goodness and productivity.

- Lisa

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Street scene, Florence, Italy
Photo by Chuck Bowman            All rights reserved

Don't give up. Keep going. There is always a chance that you will
stumble onto something terrific. I have never heard of someone
stumbling over something while he was sitting down.

"Eppie" Lederer aka Ann Landers (1918-2002)
Advice columnist


If you do things well, do them better.
Be daring, be first, be different, be just.

Anita Roddick (1942-2007)
Founder of The Body Shop


Character set boundaries; it may not determine what you will do
but will always determine what you won't do. Character lets you
know how much you're willing to pay to go up the ladder...

You carry who you are with you everywhere you go. If you do
not build a solid character, then you will not be able to survive
for long once you're at the top. Real leadership requires integrity,
someone who displays the same character in the boardroom
and the bedroom. Someone who plays by the rules and works
hard. Someone who gives others credit when it's due. Someone
who lives by faith. Someone who trusts their Creator to help
them accomplish all that they were made and called to do.

Excerpted from "Making Great Decisions,"
by T. D. Jakes
Atria Paperback, 2008



What lies ahead of you and what lies
behind you is nothing compared to
what lies within you.

Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)
Spiritual leader of India

Porch on Jeckyl Island
Photo by Chuck Bowman            All rights reserved

Six foibles need to be overcome in order to achieve
success: drowsiness, indolence, fear, anger
slovenliness and verbosity.

Ancient Sanskrit verse


Your living is determined not so much
by what life brings to you as by the
attitude you bring to life; not so
much by what happens to you as by the
way your mind looks at what happens.

Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931)
Artist, poet, writer


Don't wait until everything is just right. It will never
be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles
and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started
now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger
and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more
self-confident, and more and more successful.

Mark Victor Hansen (1948 -    )
Co-creator of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book series

The Last Word:

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap,
but by the seeds you plant.

Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894)
Novelist, poet, travel writer


























































Utterly Random Bonus Quote:

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more,
do more and become more, you are a leader.

John Quincy Adams
Sixth president of the United States



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