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Published 10-13-10

Thomas R. Kelly, Richard Holloway, Hans Hofmann, G. K. Chesterton, Zen Buddhist saying


Dear Readers,

Is it simple to be simple? Probably, if you're an amoeba.
Humans tend toward the complicated, physically, mentally
and emotionally. We can simplify our lives in several ways.
Certainly we can remove the clutter of busy-ness from our
lives, but we also can simplify our relationship with God,
through childlike trust and happy focus.

- Lisa

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Seligman, AZ sky
 Photo by Chuck Bowman          All rights reserved

The last fruit of holy obedience is the simplicity of the trusting
child, the simplicity of the children of God. It is the simplicity
which lies beyond complexity ... Is it the beginning of spiritual
maturity, which comes after the awkward age of religious
busyness for the Kingdom of God ... The mark
of this simplified life is radiant joy.

Excerpted from "A Testament of Devotion,"
by Thomas R. Kelly
HarperOne, 1969


Simplicity, clarity, singleness:
these are the attributes that
give our lives power and
vividness and joy.

Richard Holloway (1933 -   )
Scottish broadcaster, former Bishop of Edinburgh
(Scottish Episcopal Church)


This amazing simplification comes when we "center
down," when life is lived with singleness of eye, from
a holy Center where the breath and stillness of Eternity
are heavy upon us and we are wholly yielded to Him
...We are called beyond strain, to peace and power and
joy and love and thorough abandonment of self. We are
called to put our hands trustingly in His hand and walk
the holy way, in no anxiety assuredly resting in Him.

Excerpted from "A Testament of Devotion,"
by Thomas R. Kelly
HarperOne, 1969


The ability to simplify means to eliminate the
unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.

Hans Hofmann (1880-1966)
Abstract expressionist painter


How refreshing, the whinny of a
packhorse unloaded of everything!

Zen Buddhist saying

The Last Word:

To be simple is the best thing in the world.

G. K. Chesterton (1874-1936)
English writer and philosopher






























































Utterly Random Bonus Quote:

Trees are the earth's effort to speak to the listening heaven.

Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941)
Bengali Hindu poet


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