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Susan J. Erickson, Book of Common Prayer, Martin Buber, Gail McCoig Blanton, Eileen Elias Freeman

Dear Readers,

I was an insomniac all through high school. I've no idea how I stayed awake in class; now that I think
of it, I don't remember much of my Government class - might have been getting some Zzzzzzz's. Now
when I crawl into bed at midnight, I barely make it through my prayers and half a game of Solitaire on
the IPod Touch. Yet occasionally, I still have difficulty getting to sleep. It takes a level of trust to let go
of the day; to release conscious control; of faith that your world won't disintegrate before the dawn.
I do wonder how people fall asleep in war zones. If you find you can't sleep, prayer is very restful.

We can also purposefully begin to quiet our minds before ever getting into bed, reviewing the day by
acknowledging each blessing in gratitude, for instance. It's also good to comb through our brains for
our failings of the day, apologizing to God and then leaving them at the foot of his throne. With a clear
conscience and a grateful mind, we will better embrace the healing words angels impart as we sleep.

- Lisa

Photo by Stephen Bowman                                                          All rights reserved

Let Sleep Come

Now is the time to light the vesper candles of

the soul

for their flame shall illuminate this sacred


Now is the time to rest in the indigo blue

arms of the earth

for the earth shall support and embrace you.

Now is the time to dry the tears of the day

for the Spirit shall comfort and console you.

Now is the time to offer thanks for the

blessings of this day

for the Spirit shall receive and honor your


Now is the time to hear the lullaby of wind

over the land

for you shall be rocked in the soothing

of its rhythm.

Now is the time to close your eyes and let

sleep come

for the Spirit shall keep tender vigil through

the night.

- Susan J. Erickson

Excerpted from "Bedside Prayers,"
by June Cotner
HarperSanFrancisco, 1997


O Lord, support us all the day long, until the shadows lengthen
and the evening comes, and the busy world lies hushed, and
the fever of life is over, and our work is done. Then in thy
mercy grant us a safe lodging, and a holy rest,
and peace at last.

From the Book of Common Prayer: 1979

Photo by Stephen Bowman                                All rights reserved

Rabbi Shmelke did not want to interrupt his studies for too long a time,
and so he always slept sitting up, his head resting on his arm. In his
fingers he held a lit candle which roused him when it guttered and the
flame touched his hand. When Rabbi Elimelekh visited him and recog-
nized the power of the holiness which was still locked within him, he
prepared a couch for him and with great difficulty persuaded him to lie
down for a little while. Then he closed and shuttered the windows. Rabbi
Shmelke slept until broad daylight. It did not take him long to notice this,
but he was not sorry he had slept, for he was filled with a hitherto un-
known sunny clearness. He went to the House of Prayer and prayed before
the congregation as usual. But to the congregation it seemed that they had
never heard him before. They were entranced and uplifted by the manifest
power of his holiness. When he recited the verses about the Red Sea, they
gathered up the hems of their kaftans for fear the waves towering to the left
and right might wet them with salty foam. Later Shmelke said to Elimelekh:
"Not until this day did I know that one can also serve God with sleep."

From "Tales of the Hasidim,"
by Martin Buber
Schoken Books, 1991


Lullaby of Promise

Soothe me with a lullaby of promise;
Rock me, singing certainties of rest;
guarded with a strong and valiant angel,
cradled in Your love and sweetly blessed,
pillowed in a beam of Heaven's light,
covered by soft mercy through the night.

- Gail McCoig Blanton

From "Bedside Prayers,"
by June Cotner

The Last Word:

Pay attention to your dreams ---
God's angels often speak directly
to our hearts when we are asleep.

Excerpted from "The Angels' Little Instruction Book,"
by Eileen Elias Freeman
Warner Books, 1994













































































Totally Random Bonus Quote:

Take time to laugh --
it is the music of the soul.

Old English prayer