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Welcome To The Religion Network!
I'm Lisa Bowman. The Religion Network is an interfaith web site providing inspiration, quotes and
religious resources. This Home Page is changed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You are warmly
invited to read every quote posted for each theme, or simply to read those that interest you. They are
offered in the belief that inspiration can be found in all spiritual faiths, and that finding the commonality
in religions is more important than pointing up the differences. Religion is precious gift that blesses the
individual and uplifts the community. However you worship, I hope this site enhances your journey. Let
us meet regularly and build a spiritual network. If you'd like to know my story, click on biography.

On Today's Theme:

There's an excellent way to determine the unselfishness of a prayer:
If it begins with "I," chances are real good that it's self-centered and
vain. If it begins with the Godly "You," the prayer has a better shot at
being pure and healing! Today we pray to the Lord to open our hearts
so that our eyes may be opened to beauty of nature. An open heart
creates a vacuum that loveliness is always wont to fill.

- Lisa Bowman

O God,

We thank you for this earth, for the wide sky and the blessed sun,
for the ocean and streams, for the towering hills and the whispering wind,
for the trees and green grass.

We thank you for our senses by which we hear the songs of birds,
and see the splendor of fields of golden wheat and taste autumn's fruit,
rejoice in the feel of snow, and smell the breath of spring flowers.

Grant us a heart opened wide to all this beauty;
and save us from being so blind that we pass unseeing
when even the common thornbush is aflame with your glory.

For each new dawn is filled with infinite possibilities for new beginnings
and new discoveries. Life is constantly changing and renewing itself. In
this new day of new beginnings with God, all things are possible. We are
restored and renewed in a joyous awakening to the wonder
that our life are and, yet, can be.



With God as your traveling companion
you see Paradise from a tram window.

Excerpted from "Finding God in a Tangled World,"
by Juris Rubenis and Maris Subacs
Paraclete Press, 2007


The white lily
Lives each moment
Without movement.

Cherry blossoms
White virginities
Fragrance of freedom.

Dizzying carousel
Of snow stars.

Bird song
Soars high
Call without words.

Song of water
In the reeds
Music of rest.

Festive nature
Gives itself each day
To the heart at peace.

Excerpted from "Being Zen,"
by Herve Desbois
MV Publishing, 2001

...and now...

The Last Word:

I love to think of nature as an unlimited broad-
casting system through which God speaks
to us every hour; if we still only tune in.

George Washington Carver (1864-1943)
African American scientist and inventor






















































Bonus Quote:

With time and patience, the leaf of the mulberry becomes silk.

Chinese Proverb


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