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Published 5-10-10
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Max Lucado, Pema Chödrön, Melody Beattie


Dear Readers,

Oh, man, it's so human to want to retaliate against people who wrong us.
Unfortunately, even if they do owe us; even if we do exact revenge for a
just reason, where does that leave us? It takes a brutal toll on us, both
emotionally and physically, and ultimately the victory is hollow, because
adding aggression to the universe only creates more suffering and pain.

There is another way...and it's worth striving for.

- Lisa

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When we're hurt or offended, its doesn't take long
to find ourselves wanting payment from those
who are indebted to us.

Doesn't someone owe you something? An apology?
...A thank you? A childhood? A marriage?...Your
children should have been more appreciative. Your
spouse should be more sensitive. Your preacher
should have been more attentive.

...What are you going to do? Few questions are more important.
Dealing with debt is at the heart of your happiness.

Jesus said, "For if you forgive men when they sin against you,
your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not
forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive
your sins" (Matt. 6:14-15 NIV).

Excerpted from "Tough Times,"
by Max Lucado
W Publishing Group, 2006


When we hold on to our opinions with aggression, no matter
how valid our cause, we are simply adding more aggression to
the planet, and violence and pain increase. Cultivating
nonaggression is cultivating peace...

The key is to realize the difference between opinion and
clear seeing intelligence. Intelligence is like seeing thoughts
as thinking, not having opinions about whether
those thoughts are right or wrong...

Excerpted from "When Things Fall Apart,"
by Pema Chödrön
Shambhala, 2005


We may believe that controlling, worrying
and forcing will somehow affect the outcome
we desire. Controlling, worrying and forcing
don't work. In some cases,controlling may
prevent the outcome we want from happening...

...Detachment -- letting go of our need to
control people -- enhances all our relation-
ships. It opens the door to the best possible
outcome. It reduces our frustration level,
and frees us and others to live
in peace and harmony.

Excerpted from "The Language of Letting Go,"
by Melody Beattie
Hazeldon, 1990

The Last Word:

Would you like some peace?
Then quit giving your neighbor such a hassle.

Want to enjoy God's generosity?
Then let others enjoy yours.

From "Tough Times,"
by Max Lucado
W Publishing Group, 2006

































































Utterly Random Bonus Quote:

Take something ordinary
and elevate it to something extraordinary.

Samuel Mockbee (1944 -  )
Professor of architecture,
Auburn University


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