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Published 5/14/10
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Tzvi Freeman, Book of Wisdom, Murray Bodo, Book of Psalms


Dear Readers,

It's easy to feel superior to ancient cultures who thought the gods lived in
things of nature and so worshipped the stars or rocks or whatever. But
if we're honest about today's society, we have to admit that we worship
youth, money and power. And how is that superior?

The truth is, whether it's the beauty of nature or cold, hard cash, the things
of this world are simply tools. The Lord uses anything and everything to
His glory. Nature reflects Him but is not He. Money is but His abundance
materialized. Used to His Will, it uplifts, feeds and heals, but it is not He.
Material success curses us if we worship it by worrying about it.
Remember: the Author of, and not the world itself, is Master.

- Lisa

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The ancients looked up at the heavens and saw the stars
in their constellations. They honored them as stewards
of divine energy and life, as the embodiment of all forces
of nature and the origin of human passions. They aban-
doned the Master for the servant, for in truth there is
only One and all else is but a tool in His hand.

Modern man looks down to the headlines of the finance
page and sees there all the forces that will make or break
his career, his retirement plans, his success as a human
being. He too is a fool, for in truth there is only One
and all else is but a tool in His hand.

Tzvi Freeman
From the wisdom of Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson
Courtesy of


For all men who were ignorant of God
were foolish by nature; and they were
unable from the good things that are
seen to know him who exists, nor
did they recognize the craftsman
while paying heed to his works...

If through delight in the beauty of
these things men assumed them to
be gods, let them know how much
better than these is their Lord, for
the author of beauty created them.

And if men were amazed at their
power working, let them perceive
from them how much more pow-
erful is he who formed them.

Book of Wisdom 13:1, 3-4
The Holy Bible
Revised Standard Version


We fight surrender to God and resist it. Then one day
we wake up and realize that letting go is the only
answer. And waking up is pretty much what happens.
Everything before that insight was a sleeping away of
our lives in fear and trepidation. Then we jump out of
bed and start living fully for the first time. Nothing
matters from then on but God's will, and God
absorbs out failures and our successes,
and we praise God no matter
what happens.

Excerpted from "song of the sparrow,"
by Murray Bodo, O.F.M.
Paraclete Press, 2006

The Last Word:

You make the clouds your chariot;
you travel on the wings of the wind.
You make the winds your messengers;
flaming fire, your ministers.

Psalm 104:3,4
New American Bible

































































Utterly Random Bonus Quote:

Every truth has four corners. I give you one
corner, and it is for you to find the other three.

Confucius (551-479 BC)


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