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On hearing of the death of Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist
Jeff MacNelly, creator of the comic strip Shoe, fellow cartoonist
Walt Handelsman of The Times-Picayune (New Orleans) wrote:

I once received a call from (editorial cartoonist) Mike Peters,
complimenting me on a cartoon and saying that he and Jeff
MacNelly had just been talking about how much they liked
it, and when I got off the phone I told my editor that was
the highlight of my career -- just knowing that
Jeff MacNelly knew who I was.

It's hard to explain, but to have someone great know who
you are brings a sense of significance to life. God, the
greatest One in the Universe, knows us by name.
In fact, he knows everything about us.
And he loves us.

Source: "A Generation of MacNelly Admirers,"
USA Today (June 19, 200)

We cannot shut off, stop, or in any way diminish God's flow of love
toward us. No matter what we do, we cannot cause God
to stop loving us.

Nothing can move us from the position of being loved by God.

Nothing can change the way God feels about us.

Nothing can alter the fact that God is going to continue to love us
no matter what we do or say.

Receiving God's love heals us on the inside. It causes a person's
self-esteem to be built up and emotional hurts to be soothed.

Receiving God's love allows us to feel value, worth, and dignity.

Receiving God's love allows us to respect ourselves.

Receiving God's love motivates us to discipline ourselves.

Receiving God's love gives us the capacity to return His love,
love ourselves, and love others.

We are not only chosen by God, but we are eternally, tenderly,
unconditionally, and infinitely loved by God. There is no
greater blessing, no greater assurance.

Excerpted from "Loved By God,"
by T. D. Jakes
Bethany House, 2000

And now, the Last Word:

You, whose day it is, make it
beautiful. Get out your rainbow
colors, so it will be beautiful.

Nootka Song













































Bonus quote:

The tongue weighs practically nothing,
but few can hold it.

Sign seen in North Charleston,
South Carolina


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