How The Religion Network originated

    I never intended to personalize this Web site. I had decided
    that even my name would rarely appear because The Religion
    Network is dedicated to the glory of God and is not about any
    individual. However, people whose opinions I greatly respect
                have persuaded me that it is better to put a face to
                the site. So, for those who may be curious, I'm provid-
                 ing a brief personal biography.

                In sharing my story, I'm extending my hand to you.  
                By definition, a spiritual "network" begins with one
                person reaching out to another. As that person in
                turn extends their hand to someone else, God's
                love flows and we are all nourished by it. Let us
                connect with the people who are brought into our
                lives. God is so good. May we determine to do His
                work as he leads us.

    I was born in Antioch, California and grew up in nearby
    Lafayette. I was raised in a Protestant household, going
    to church every week without complaint. When I graduated
    from Sunday School at the age of 20, I walked out and never
    went back. It wasn't something that I had consciously planned,
    I just didn't feel motivated to continue attending church. My
    mind was focused on a career in theatre.

    I had danced with the Oakland Ballet in high school and
    at 20 began a career in musical theatre as a singer and
    dancer. For the next 10 years I made my living as a per-
    former, working in shows like the First National Company
    of A Chorus Line, touring with Sammy Cahn in Words
    and Music and appearing in The Dybbuk at the Mark
    Taper Forum. I did television shows like Happy Days and
    Alien Nation.

    The spiritual world has always interested me, but during
    those years it manifested in a New Age belief system. Well,
    really, for a creative person, what's not to like about glistening
    crystals and rainbow auras? Focusing on the beauty of
    nature seemed logical and fitting at the time.

    But after marrying Chuck Bowman and having our son,
    Stephen, the belief system began to feel insufficient. Life's
    responsibilities and my questions were becoming too large
    for pagan aspects of the New Age religion. Then I was hired
    as a sportscaster on KABC Radio in Los Angeles. It was an
    exhilarating job, but in the long run, its most important impact
    was that I began writing. There were editorials, speeches
    and articles. I discovered I loved to write.

    However, my husband's work was taking him out of town a lot
    and Stephen was starting school. I quit work to stay home.
    I began to find myself frequently on my knees praying, usually
    on the bathroom floor. Perhaps that seems an odd room for
    a mental altar, but it is the most private room, the most human
    of all rooms. Truly, it may be the perfect room in which to
    pray with genuine humility. I felt connected to God once
    again, but my view of Him was a bit of a mishmash. And I
    was journeying without the support system that organized
    religion offers.

    It wasn't until Stephen was in high school that I began to hear
    a call from the Lord. This was an unexpected but persistent
    feeling. Soon I began to feel completely engulfed in that call.
    Two years later I was baptized into the Catholic Church.

    Now I try to live each day tethered to His will. I believe this
    Internet site is part of the plan I am to follow. May it bless
    all who visit it.

    Oh, I still sing, both professionally and in church every Sun-
    day. There's more joy, I find, in singing for the Lord. And
    I'm writing again. There's more joy in everything now.

    Feel free to make this your religious Internet home.
    Welcome, whatever your faith. We are one here.


                                       ----Lisa Bowman

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