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Dear Readers,

The crux of any religion revolves around God's love.
The links below will take you to pages within The
Religion Network that focus on God's Love for us
and how He desires that we express it toward
all of His children.

May you feel His loving presence about you
and within you all the days of your life.

- Lisa

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Stream in Bayeaux, France
Photo by Chuck Bowman All rights reserved

Pages about Love:

A Friend in Deed

Acts of Love


Drenched in Love

Embrace Love

Feeling Connected in Love

For the Love of God

Gentle Francis of Assisi

God: My Everything


Instruments of Thy Peace: Leading Others

Letting Go of Childish Things

Love is Patient

Love - Make a Difference

Love Them Anyway

Love's Fire

Love's Quik-eyd Forgiveness

Loving All Beings

Loving and Forgiving

Loving Our Neighbor

Make a Difference

Matters of the Heart

Not a Sparrow Falls

One Body, One Love, One God

Our Permanent Residence in Love

Patient Love

Perfect Love

Prayer for Others

The Longing Heart

The Pure Heart

The Voice of Love

The Web of Life

True Love & Divine Love

Unifying Love

You Are Deeply Loved


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