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A spiritual "network" begins with one person reaching out to another.
With this site I extend my hand to you. As each of us
in turn extends
our hand to the next person, God's love flows and we are all nourished.

Let us connect in a holy way with the people who are brought into our
lives. God is good. May we determine to do His work as he leads
us to do it. May God bless you and keep you.    

- Lisa Bowman, Editor

Lisa Bowman grew up in a religious household in the San Francisco East Bay Area.
When she was nine, Lisa was chosen to dance with Russia's famed Bolshoi Ballet
during their San Francisco engagement. This inspired her to dance with the Oak-
land Ballet Company while in high school,along with appearing frequently in
community musicals. At Occidental College and at UCLA she continued performing,
turning professional at the age of 20. Her decade-long career included the First
National Company of "A Chorus Line;" a national tour as legendary song-writer
Sammy Cahn's soprano; and television appearances on shows such as "Greatest
American," the original "V," "The Rockford Files" and "Alien Nation."

In 1979 Lisa married television and film director Chuck Bowman. She left the
stage and was hired as a radio sports talk show host on a major Los Angeles
radio station. But with the birth of son Stephen, Lisa had begun to feel a deep
spiritual hunger, for over the years she had drifted away from church, even
though she still prayed and contemplated God. She laughs that she kept find-
ing herself kneeling down in the bathroom, of all places, to pray! Yet, though
these experiences were intense, she still felt that something was missing in
her life: a formal commitment to God within the framework of an organized
religion. After deep soul searching, she committed to the Catholic Church
in 2002 through baptism and confirmation.

In 2005, Lisa began experiencing physical difficulties, and in 2008 was finally
diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. While the disease presents daily challenges,
she rejoices even more in the personal spiritual growth it has stimulated!

Her purpose in life established, she now focuses on listening to God's direction
for her life. Her calling seems to be uncovering the commonalities in the world's
various religions and allowing spiritually-oriented people to share in the vast
wealth of inspiration God provides to His children. Her writing, her singing and
her dancing are done in the name of Jesus and for the glory of God the Father.

Although she is Christian, Lisa believes that God speaks in many tongues to his
children; so she therefore dedicates this interfaith site to helping share the
multi-hued joy of Divine Love.

All are welcome here.

- The Religion Network

Lisa's album of American Standards is available at: Lisa_Bittersweets_cd