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LINKS to other interesting sites

These are sites which I've visited and found to be valuable. See which interest you. I'll continue to add new sites as I find them.


(in no particular order)

Rabbi Chaim Mentz
is a good
friend of The Religion Network.
This site is highly informative of
the Chabad- Lubavitch branch
of Chassidic Judaism...and also
very entertaining!

Master Chatechist, author and speaker
Kay Murdy provides daily commentaries
on gospel readings of the liturgy, as well
as prayer, home Bible study and news
of interest to Catholics.

Narragansett Church of God

Narragansett Church of God is a
multi-cultural congregation of
believers located in the Gale-
wood community of Chicago,
Illinois. The oldest Church of God
in Chicago, this congregation has
ministered to the city for over 78
years. Their site offers Online Audio
sermons by Pastor Ken Holt.

This site is an outreach program of
Franciscan University in Steubenville,
Ohio. It is a rich source of Catholic
information and links.

"The strength of (this) site is its compre-
hensive links, which include a brief
description of each site. Also to be
applauded is the Bulletin archive
which includes full text articles and
reviews of interreligious texts."
(Reviewed for The Religion
Network by Patty Johnson)

Called "God's Yellow Pages,"
this is
a clever and conveniently-organized
site. Set up like a phone book, just
scroll to a subject, such as "Needing
Guidance." Listed beneath are
several Bible citations. It's simple,
fun and very helpful.

Pastor Ralph F. Wilson is the director of
this Christian web site. It contains a wealth
of resources, including Christian symbols,
information on holidays, prayers and news.

I don't know who maintains this
site, but I deeply appreciate its
purpose and the way it is structured. This site should not be confused with its ".com" twin,
which I do not at all find useful.


Nan Rae
is an internationally-recognized
artist with a best-selling book, 'The Ch'i of
the Brush.' Her art work is uplifting, and
she offers a dizzying array of cards
for sale on her site.

Poetry of Joan Noeldechen

Joan Noeldechen is a "writer, unseen
angel, intuitive, and scalding wit."
Her spiritually-oriented poetry has been
featured on The Religion Network.
You can buy her books
on They're lovely.

This sweet site is a free internet dog memorial
community. To participate, you click on a star
in the constellation and give it your dog's name

This is a very good site for quotations,
whether by subject or author.

Another terrific site for quotes.

Tree by Beth Vendryes Williams

Beth Vendryes Williams
is a New York artist
working in watercolor and oil. Her work is
not to be missed. Also check out Beth's

Kate Buxbaum Prado is an
inspirational poet who is quoted
regularly on The Religion Network.
On her site, one can enjoy both
her verse and her photography.

If you like poetry, you'll find plenty to
like here. The site also offers lyrics,
quotations, poetry, E-books,
and a member area.
Angel site

Angels For Hope is an organization that
offers free crocheted angels for anyone
in need of hope.