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Kay Murdy provides daily
commentaries on the weekday
and Sunday gospel reading of the
liturgy, as well as prayer, home
Bible study, news and events of
interest to Catholics.
Religious Sites
Author, columnist and speaker Kay Murdy is a Master
Catechist and a member of the teaching and coordinating team
of the The Bible Institute at Loyola Marymount University.
The Religion Network
I quite stumbled upon this site. I don't even
know who maintains it, but I deeply
appreciate its purpose and the way it's
structured. This site is not to be confused
with its ".com" twin, which I do not find
useful, so make sure you go to ".net."
To quote from the review by Patty Johnson:
"The strength of the Monastic Interreligious
Dialogue site is its comprehensive links,
which include a brief description of each
site.  Also to be applauded is the Bulletin
archive which includes full text articles
detailing interreligious events and reviews
of interreligious texts."
Various Sites
This site is one of my sources for great
quotes. You can browse via various criteria,
including author, topic and keyword.

Nan Rae is the artist whose Chinese brush paintings are in 'Suma, The Elephant,' reviewed on this site. She's an internationally-recognized artist with her own best-selling book, 'The Ch'i of the Brush.' Her art work is uplifting, and she offers a dizzying array of cards for sale on her site.
This is a particularly good site for quotes
and is fast becoming my favorite.
God's Yellow Pages
This is a clever and conveniently organized
site. Set up like a phone book, you scroll to
a subject, such as "Love" or "Needing
Guidance." Listed beneath are several Bible
citations for you to go to, which apply to
your needs. It's simple, fun and very helpful.
This site is an outreach program of
Franciscan University in Steubenville,
Ohio. It is a rich source of Catholic
information and links.