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Published 6/23/10
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George Dawson, Tzvi Freeman


Dear Readers,

On Monday our wonderful son married a woman who is beautiful inside
and out. The wedding took place on the Big Island of Hawaii, where our
new daughter-in-law is from. The event was even graced with a rainbow.
I thank and praise the Lord for for all the goodness He has brought into
our lives. It's easy to call a day like Monday a gift from God, but I also
raise my voice in joy for all the hidden blessings He has bestowed on me.
So often the biggest blessings aren't obvious; sometimes they may even
seem like hardships shaking us out of our comfort zones. But if we have
given ourselves over to the Divine rhythm, letting go of judging events
in our lives, He works through us and blesses us in everything. So,
Lord, thank you both for this obviously beautiful blessing...and for
the one we came home to, in which your hand is less obvious.
My days are Thine.

Congratulations, Stephen and Kristin. We love you.

- Lisa

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Seligman, AZ
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Almighty God,

We bless and praise Thee the we have awakened

to the light of another earthly day;

and now we will think of what a day should be.

Our days are Thine, let them be spent for Thee.

Our days are few; let them be spent with care.

We pray Thee to shine on this day -

the day which we may call our own.

Lord, we go to our daily work; help us to take pleasure therein.

Show us clearly what our duty is; help us to be faithful in doing it.

Let all we do be well done, fit for Thine eye to see.

Give us strength to do, patience to bear;

let our courage never fail.

When we cannot love our work,

let us think of it as Thy task, and by our true love to Thee,

make unlovely things shine in the light of Thy great love.



 George Dawson (1821-1876)
English non-conformist minister

The Last Word:

Every person is a microcosm of the entire Creation.
When a person brings harmony between his G-dly
soul and his material life, he brings harmony
between the whole of heaven and earth.

Tzvi Freeman
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Utterly Random Bonus Quote:

Fear is the mind-killer. I will not give into it.

Frank Herbert
Science fiction writer


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