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...One part of worship involves adoring the Lord our God, which
includes the idea of gazing lovingly. We come to meet our God
and to consider how wonderful He is. Our worship also usually
involves preaching and prayer. This hymn presents these
two aspects of worship together.

And what is the result of prayerful worship? We are blessed by
"holy manna" -- bread from heaven. In the Old Testament God
provided the Israelites with manna as they wandered in the wilder-
ness. In the New Testament, Jesus gave His body as the Bread of
Life through which we can receive spiritual nourishment. As we
worship we participate in the eternal banquet of Christ's presence.
We celebrate God's provision and thank Him for it.

Brethren, we have met to worship
and adore the Lord our God;
Will you pray with all your power,
While we try to preach the Word?
All is vain unless the Spirit
Of the Holy One comes down;
Brethren, pray, and holy manna
Will be showered all around.

Let us love our God supremely,
Let us love each other too;
Let us love and pray for sinners
Till our God makes all things new.
Then He'll call us home to heaven,
At His table we'll sit down;
Christ will gird Himself and serve us
With sweet manna all around.

George Atkins (18th century hymn writer)

Excerpted from "Great Songs of Faith,"
Compiled and edited by Robert K. Brown and Mark R. Norton
Devotions written by William J. Petersen and Randy Petersen
Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., 1995


The Searcher of Hearts wants only your sincere love. He is like
a little child: someone may offer Him his whole wealth and He
doesn't want it; and another cries to him, "O Lord, I love You!"
and into that devotee's heart He comes running.

Don't seek God with any ulterior motive, but pray to Him with
devotion -- unconditional, one-pointed, steady devotion. When
your love for Him is as great as your attachment to your
mortal body, He will come to you.

Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952)
Indian guru and yogi

Some people want to see God with their eyes as they
see a cow and to love him as they love their cow --
they love their cow for the milk and cheese and profit
it makes them. This is how it is with people who love
God for the sake of outward wealth or inward comfort.
They do not rightly love God when they love him for their
own advantage. Indeed, I tell you the truth, any object
you have on your mind, however good, will be a barrier
between you and the inmost truth.

Meister Eckhart (c. 1260 - c. 1328)
German theologian, philosopher and mystic


Whether we take an extroverted or introverted route to the
ultimate mystery, the goal is the same: God-realization, nirvanic
awareness, boundless consciousness. In most traditions, the goal
of the spiritual journey is union with the divine, whether this reality
is called God, Allah, Brahman, Atman, Wakan Taku, the Tao, the One.
In every form of mysticism in which the divine is experienced in per-
sonal terms, the objective is the same: intimacy of relationship,
a loving unitive experience that becomes stable
between the soul and God.

Excerpted from "The Mystic Heart,"
by Wayne Teasdale
New World Library, 2001


And now, the Last Word:

The angels' first and most important task
is the perfect worship of God,
who created them.

From "The Angels' Little Instruction Book,"
by Eileen Elias Freeman
Warner Books, 1994








































Bonus Quote:

If you don't get everything you want, think of the things
you don't get that you don't want.

Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)
Irish playwright, novelist and poet



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