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Henri Nouwen, Eileen Elias Freeman, Joseph Soloveitchik, Book of Psalms


Dear Readers,

I remember once when I was praying alone in a small chapel. That day,
I wasn't just alone, I was feeling lonely, for a reason I no longer can even
remember. But I do remember how it felt. Finally, with some desperation I
prayed to God to help me feel less alone. About a minute later, someone
passed through the chapel. Then someone else came in. All of a sudden
it was Grand Central Station in this usually peaceful chapel! I finally had
to laugh. The Lord took me at my word. I was definitely no longer lonely.
In fact, I heartily was wishing I were more alone!

We enter and leave this world single file. In-between we connect and/or
disconnect with those around us. The more we give to them out of pure
love, asking nothing in return, the more loved we feel. Regardless, we
are never alone. Every step of all eternity, we are accompanied by our
guardian angel; every moment of all eternity, we are enveloped by the
sweet breath of the Lord who breathes life into us and holds us close.

- Lisa

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Arizona meadow near Seligman
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All human beings are alone. No other person will
completely feel like we do, think like we do, act
like we do. Each of us is unique, and our aloneness
is the other side of our uniqueness. The question is
whether we let our aloneness become loneliness
or whether we allow it to lead us into solitude.
Loneliness is painful; solitude is peaceful ...

... As hard as it is to believe that the dry desolate
desert can yield endless varieties of flowers, it is
equally hard to imagine that our loneliness is hiding
unknown beauty. The movement from loneliness to
solitude, however, is the beginning of of any spiritual
life because it is the movement from the restless
sense to the restful spirit ... from the fearful
clinging to the fearless play.

Excerpted from "The Dance of Life,"
by Henri J. M. Nouwen
Ave Maria Press, 2005


Our angels are closer to us than ever
when we are sad or in trouble.


Your guardian angel is a friend for life --
eternal life.

Excerpted from "The Angels' Little Instruction Book,"
by Eileen Elias Freeman
Warner Books, 1994




God is never outside the covenantal community. He joins man
and shares in his covenantal existence. Finitude and infinity,
temporality and eternity, creature and creator become involved
in the same community. They bind themselves together
and participate in a unitive experience.

Excerpted from "The Lonely Man of Faith,"
by Joseph B. Soloveitchik
Three Leaves Press, 1965

The Last Word:

A father to the fatherless, a defender
of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.

God sets the lonely in families,
he leads forth the prisoners with singing.

Psalm 68:5-6
The Holy Bible
New International Version






























































Random Bonus Quote:

Success is to be measured not so much by the
position that one has reached in life as by
the obstacles which he has overcome

Booker T. Washington (1856-1915)
American political leader, orator, author, educator


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