Today's Theme: Unifying Love
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Published 1-5-09
On Today's Theme:

Love, languid as still waters and powerful enough to move mountains:
it is also the golden thread that sews our collective lives together in a
beautiful, unified tapestry that graces the shining walls of heaven.

- Lisa Bowman

Love alone can unite living beings so as to complete and fulfill them...
for it alone joins them by what is deepest in themselves. All we need
is to imagine our ability to love developing until it embraces the
totality of men and the earth.


Love is the affinity which links and draws together the elements
of the world...Love, in fact, is the agent of universal synthesis.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955)
Jesuit priest, philosopher, paleontologist


Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.

Martin Luther King, Jr.
African American clergyman and social activist


You change your life by changing your heart.

Max Lucado (1955-   )
Christian minister and author

I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts,
then there is no hurt, but only more love.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta (1910-1997)
Nun and humanitarian


Prayer opens the understanding to the brightness of Divine Light,
and the will to the warmth of Heavenly Love...

St Francis de Sales (1567-1622)
Bishop of Geneva, Switzerland

...and now, The Last Word:

The school of Christ is the school of love.
In the last day, when the general examination
takes place...Love will be the whole syllabus.

St. Robert Bellarmine (1542-1621)
Jesuit priest and Cardinal









































































Random Bonus Quote:

It takes less time to do a thing right,
than it does to explain why you did it wrong.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)
American educator and poet


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