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Don't Hurry. You are going to live forever -- somewhere.
In fact, you are in eternity now; so why rush?

Don't Worry. You belong to God, and God is Love; so why fret?

Don't Condemn. As you cannot get under the other fellow's
skin, you cannot possibly know what difficulties he has had
to meet -- how much temptation, or misunderstanding,
or stupidity. You are not perfect yourself and might
be much worse in his shoes.

Don't Resent. If wrong has been done, the Great Law will surely
take care of it. Rise up in consciousness and set both yourself
and the deliquent free. Forgiveness is the strongest medicine.

...For there is no power but of God (Romans 13:1, KJV)

Excerpted from "Around the Year with Emmet Fox,"
HarperSanFrancisco, 1952

The Heavenly Builder

When I tell God how He must rush,

His gentle voice comes back to hush.

Reminding me how the great I Am,

is the architect of eternal plans.

Kate Buxbaum-Prado

From "Angel's Wings and Secret Things"

And now, the Last Word:

Imagine if all the tumult of the body were to
quiet down, along with all our busy thoughts
about earth, sea and air; if this very world
should stop, and the mind cease thinking
about itself, and be quite still...

Would this not be what is bidden in scripture,
"Enter thou into the joy of thy lord"?

From "Confessions," lX:10
Augustine of Hippo (354-430)
One of the greatest figures
in Western Christianity


































Bonus quote:

In prayer it is better to have a heart without words
than words without a heart.

John Bunyon


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