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TODAY'S THEME: Strength for the Journey
Originally published 2/21/07

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Elijah was afraid and fled for his life,
going to Beer-sheba of Judah. He left
his servant there and went a day's journey
into the desert, until he came to a broom
tree and sat beneath it. He prayed for death:
"This is enough, O Lord! Take my life, for I am
no better than my fathers." He lay down and fell
asleep under the broom tree, but then an angel
touched him and ordered him to get up and eat.
He looked and there at his head was a hearth cake
and a jug of water. After he ate and drank, he lay
down again, but the angel of the Lord came back
a second time and ordered, "Get up and eat, else
the journey will be too long for you!" He got up,
ate and drank; then strengthened by that food, he
walked forty days and forty nights to the mountain
of God, Horeb. There he came to a cave,
where he took shelter.

1 Kings 19: 1-9
New American Bible


When we are busied, or meditating on spiritual
things, even in our time of set devotion, whilst
our voice is rising in prayer, we ought to cease
for one brief moment, as often as we can, to
worship God in the depth of our being,to taste
Him though it be in passing, to touch Him as if
by stealth...What offering is there more acceptable
to God than thus throughout the day to quit the
things of outward sense, and to withdraw to worship
Him within the secret places of the soul? Besides by
so doing we destroy the love of self, which can subsist
only among the things of sense, and of which these times
of quiet retirement with God rids us well-nigh unconsciously.

"The Practice of the Presence of God
with Spiritual Maxims,"
by Brother Lawrence (1614-1691)
French Carmelite monk
Spire Books, 2004

Jodi Taylor Block contributes a piece that makes crystalline the choice
which can forever simplify our lifelong journey.


One morning I awakened to the wind blowing and crisp
air brightening my thoughts. I had an epiphany! I suddenly
realized that there is a clarity and simplicity in life...If we
would only choose to see it, hear it, and feel it.

We seem to complicate everything and make problem-solving
even more difficult than it has to be. The most awful feeling of
not finding a solution to a problem is analagous of standing in
the middle of a road. Somehow if a decision is not made and
you continue to stand there, eventually a truck will hit you from
either direction, so you must move!

Suddenly it came to me: "WHAT YOU WILL DO AND WON'T DO; WHAT YOU CAN DO AND CAN'T DO." That simple appli-
cation to any problem that requires an answer will force you
to face the truth and realize that you know the answer. You
cannot turn to another person to solve it for you, just as you
know instinctively that no one can walk your steps nor breathe
your breaths.

It takes great courage to make a decision and live with it, take
full responsibility for it. Many people make decisions based on
what others think, trying to please them. Then if it doesn't
work out, they quickly blame everyone else for their poor
decision-making. Others simply decide there is no solution.

But there is a solution to is simply (continued)


Today God, help me become willing to let go of old beliefs
and feelings that may be hurting me. Gently take them
from me and replace them with new beliefs and feelings.

Melody Beattie
From "The Language of Letting Go"
Hazeldon, 1990



And now the Last Word:

Then the Lord will guide you always
and give you plenty even on the parched
land. He will renew your strength, and you
shall be like a watered garden, like a spring
whose water never fails.

Isaiah 58: 11
New American Bible






















































Bonus Quote:
How shall I grasp it? Do not grasp it.
That which remains when there is no
more grasping is the Self.













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