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Welcome To The Religion Network!
I'm Lisa Bowman. The Religion Network is an interfaith web site providing inspiration, quotes and
religious resources. This Home Page is changed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You are warmly
invited to read every quote posted for each theme, or simply to read those that interest you. They are
offered in the belief that inspiration can be found in all spiritual faiths, and that finding the commonality
in religions is more important than pointing up the differences. Religion is precious gift that blesses the
individual and uplifts the community. However you worship, I hope this site enhances your journey. Let
us meet regularly and build a spiritual network. If you'd like to know my story, click on biography.

On Today's Theme:

The hallmark of truth is exquisite simplicity.
It is within the house of humility that truth finds the room to live.
Truth extends beyond infinity.
Truth is curled up in the tiniest corner of your heart.
God is Truth.

- Lisa Bowman

The Great Integrity is unboundable like a flood.
It cannot be manipulated this or that way.
It is the very wellspring of life,
always outpouring, never commanding.

Although the source for every need,
it is never demanding.
It does its work silently
and unpretentiously.

All return to the Great Integrity
as our liberating universal home.
By never seeking greatness,
greatness permeates in deed.

Excerpted from the Tao Te Ching
by Lao Tzu (6th century BC)
Translation by Ralph Alan Dale
Barnes & Noble, 2002


In the world there are only two ways of achieving anything:
praying for God's help and knowing how the world is put together.


Either the world is an object of spiritual meditation
or it becomes very tiresome.


Truths were not born with the world. They are all part of God.

Excerpted from "Finding God in a Tangled World"
by Juris Rubenis and Maris Subacs
Paraclete Press, 2007

I find you, Lord, in all Things
and in all
my fellow creatures, pulsing with
your life;
as a tiny seed you sleep in what is
and in the vast you vastly yield

Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926)
German poet
From "The Book of Hours"


But give me the strength that waits upon you in silence and peace.
Give me humility in which alone is rest, and deliver me from pride
which is the heaviest of burdens.

Thomas Merton
Trappist monk, poet, social activist

...and now, The Last Word:

Humility is truth.

Desiderius Erasmus (1469-1536)
Dutch priest, Christian humanist
and editor of the New Testament









































































Random Bonus Quote:

The mind loves the unknown.
It loves images whose meaning
is unknown, since the meaning
of the mind itself is unknown.

Rene Magritte (1898-1967)
Belgian surrealist artist



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