My Spiritual Autobiography
    by Mimi Mycroft

    As a small child, I would sit in the pews of the church in awe of the beautiful stained
    glass windows, completely bedazzled by the light that radiated through and how that
    light made everything sparkle with such warmth and luster. I loved listening to the
    music. It sounded like angels were singing from heaven. I use to pretend that there
    was no roof on the church. I’d close my eyes and imagine the voices coming from the
    clouds…. melodies and sounds that hailed from smiling celestial beings in glorious,
    soft, flowing and glistening gowns. Then I would imagine Jesus amongst them.

    It always felt holy to be in church. I grew up rich in faith and traditions. My parents
    chose the Catholic Church for worship and we attended church every Sunday. They
    were diligent, faithful, gentle, humble people and Jesus was the centerpiece of their
    lives. Being human, they were doomed to imperfection, but they always looked for the
    good in others and taught their children the same. My parents introduced me to the
    Bible and they taught my three brothers and me how to pray and as a family we
    experienced the power prayer held. We prayed together as a family.

    I married a wonderful man who came from a Methodist background. He made the
    choice to convert to Catholicism in 1997. All of our children have attended private
    Catholic elementary schools and three of the four attended Catholic high school.
    I believe in and fully support education with religious reflection. I am active in my
    church’s Music Ministry. I have written music for church services and a Lenten
    drama about Christ’s passion (in 2000) that I produced, directed and in which I
    performed. I have shared my work with other Christian churches in my community.
    The churches in my community come together twice a year and present a concert
    of prayer and song to be shared with the community. I look forward to this every
    year as I have made so many friends that have enriched my life, both spiritually and
    in general. It is a so fulfilling to learn about the worship traditions of the different
    churches and to share my Catholic traditions. This has been a gratifying process…
    the walls are down…we pray together and share our lives. We all needed to learn
    that the ground at the foot of the cross is indeed level. We have all had an opportunity
    to better understand each others faith and to dispel misconceptions.

    I am still growing rich in faith and traditions. As a family, Jesus is our centerpiece and
    we strive to look for the good in others and treat everyone with respect and honor.
    As a mother, I have been diligent in my efforts to teach my children the importance
    of seeing Christ’s face in others. My husband and I have made many child rearing
    mistakes, but we have four kind, loving, accepting children who not only accept people
    in spite of differences, but embrace others for their uniqueness as well. They know
    what it feels like to not be accepted. We all do this in an imperfect world with imperfect
    people. I see strength and honor in our children as they are natural leaders and

    Living in faith is just that. Acceptance of Jesus Christ is acceptance of all his people.
    We breathe his word and live our lives in his light.
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Archived Forum Articles
    by Mimi Mycroft

    Part One:

    At the birth of my first child, I humbly
    realized how little control I have on
    the path of life. I prepared for my
    first child as if I could make it all
    occur exactly as it was in my dreams.
    It didn’t turn out that way and neither
    did the four subsequent births.  Age
    does have perks, and the most
    important is the wisdom that comes
    with life…..experiences, less than
    perfect events, which can teach us
    all we ever really need to learn. I call
    this “solid wisdom.”  

    The path of life is a journey whereon
    we encounter relationships that are
    deliberately arranged by the Holy Spirit.
    The interesting piece of this journey is
    the people that turn onto that path and
    end up in our “lane”.  
    It seems a cliché to say, “Every
    person walks with us for a specific
    reason,” but it is so true.  I believe that
    the mystery of how wisdom
    comes unfolds as we interact with
    one another.  Relationships are timed.
    They vary in intensity and longevity but
    they faithfully provide incentive for a
    purpose. They are an assignment and
    assignments are opportunities
    to be teachers of God.  These are hand
    picked for the purpose of discovering
    something meant just
    for those on that path. Solid wisdom
    is also known as the deliberate work
    of the Holy Spirit.

    I was very close to a man for the
    duration of one year who I rarely spoke
    to the ten years prior. I would never
    have guessed that he and I would
    become such dear friends.
    For that year, I gathered with two other
    friends, Jaime and Dan  and
    the three of us prayed together with
    Stephen every Friday no matter what
    was happening or where Stephen
    was. Often we prayed in hospitals.  
    It was a time of grace, sharing,
    healing and miracles but not of
    man’s knowing.  This was spiritual
    depth that one cannot quite explain...

    When the assignment was over, we
    all moved on. I rarely see Jaime and
    Dan. This assignment bound us and
    when it was finished, we really had
    little else to share except our
    experience of growing in “solid wisdom.”

    by Mimi Mycroft
Part Two:
    I am convinced through scripture that
    each of us has the potential to be a
    teacher of God. We teach through our
    work.  Our interactions with others
    illuminate our soul, the true core of who
    we are. Our depth of vision breaks through
    walls to discern what is real.

    My deepest knowing elucidates that
    relationships are assignments and these
    assignments are a segment of His vast
    plan for our enlightenment and prosperity.  
    Relationships are initiated and cultivated
    by the Holy Spirit.  He gathers people
    together who have the optimum potential
    for mutual growth.  He evaluates who can
    learn most from whom, at any given time
    and then, assigns one to another. He knows
    what combination of wit, tolerance and
    energy works best to further God’s plan for

    No relationship is by chance.  Those who
    come together do so because it is in His
    great plan and the combination possess
    the potential to grow closer to His light.  
    The wit, tolerance and energy create the
    right formula for growth, the potential to
    be a teacher of God.  I always envision a
    field, His field and the work that occurs on
    this field is His assignment.

    I loved my friend Stephen. We spent a lot
    of time together.  When he passed, I
    grieved for him.  I still grieve for him.

    At the onset of his illness, he was like a
    dry barren field, fallow and turned,
    yearning for seed to be carried in on the
    wind and nourished with a promise of new
    life.  I was not prepared at first for his
    illness.   I was frightened for him. I was
    frightened for me. Here was this gentle,
    brilliant, child-like man who could weave
    words and notes together  that would
    move even the hardest of men. He had
    hands filled with the kind of love that
    lured musical instruments of all types to
    resonate his melodies rewarding,
    surprising, and delighting all who would
    listen.  How was it that he spoke so
    fearfully of a punitive God  that plagued
    him with cancer because he was a sinner?  
    He would howl to the heavens begging
    for mercy.  I understood. Years before, I
    feared that same God. Though there are
    no words to describe it, I could look at
    Stephen’s face and through his eyes I
    could see the soul that God was calling

    Some of us were to be God’s partners
    and this man was to be our “assignment.”
    The partners had been gathered and
    incubated by the Holy Spirit and on cue
    would go to work without even knowing it.  
    Stephen was to learn of God’s unconditional
    love and this man, the analytical logician,
    would learn to love God from the core of
    his heart and not from his mind.  Veritably,
    others stepped into the picture but only
    four of us were to carry this assignment
    to the end.  
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    The following is similar to C.S. Lewis's writing in 'The Screwtape Letters"

    A speech given by the enemy of our souls...
    by Nancy Eckerman Gilbert

    "We can't keep Christians from going to church."
    "We can't keep them from reading their Bibles and knowing the truth."
    "We can't even keep them from forming an intimate relationship with their

    "Once they gain that connection with Jesus, our power over them is broken."

    "So let them go to their churches; let them have their covered dish
    dinners, BUT steal their time, so they don't have time to develop a
    relationship with Jesus Christ."

    "This is what I want you to do," said the enemy:
    "Distract them from gaining hold of their Savior and maintaining that
    vital connection throughout their day!"
    "How shall we do this?" his demons shouted.
    "Keep them busy in the non-essentials of life and invent innumerable
    schemes to occupy their minds," he answered.
    "Tempt them to spend, spend, spend, and borrow, borrow, borrow."
    "Persuade the wives to go to work for long hours and the husbands to work
    6-7 days each week, 10-12 hours a day, so they can afford their empty

    "Keep them from spending time with their children."
    "As their families fragment, soon, their homes will offer no escape from
    the pressures of work!"

    "Over-stimulate their minds so that they cannot hear that still, small
    "Entice them to play the radio or cassette player whenever they drive."
    "To keep the TV, VCR, CDs and their PCs going constantly in their home
    and see to it that every store and restaurant in the world plays
    non-biblical music constantly."
    "This will jam their minds and break that union with Christ."
    "Fill the coffee tables with magazines and newspapers."
    "Pound their minds with the news 24 hours a day."
    "Invade their driving moments with billboards."
    "Flood their mailboxes with junk mail, mail order catalogs, sweepstakes,
    and every kind of newsletter and promotional offering free products,
    services and false hopes."

    "Keep skinny, beautiful models on the magazines and TV so their husbands
    will believe that outward beauty is what's important, and they'll become
    dissatisfied with their wives."
    "Keep the wives too tired to love their husbands at night."
    "Give them headaches too! "
    "If they don't give their husbands the love they need, they will begin to
    look elsewhere."
    "That will fragment their families quickly!"

    "Give them Santa Claus to distract them from teaching their children the
    real meaning of Christmas."
    "Give them an Easter bunny so they won't talk about his resurrection
    and power over sin and death."

    Even in their recreation, let them be excessive."
    "Have them return from their recreation exhausted."
    "Keep them too busy to go out in nature and reflect on God's creation.
    Send them to amusement parks, sporting events, plays, concerts, and movies

    "Keep them busy, busy, busy!"
    "And when they meet for spiritual fellowship, involve them in gossip and
    small talk so that they leave with troubled consciences."

    "Crowd their lives with so many good causes they have no time to seek
    power from Jesus."

    "Soon they will be working in their own strength, sacrificing their
    health and family for the good of the cause."

    "It will work!"
    "It will work!"
    It was quite a plan!

    The demons went eagerly to their assignments causing Christians
    everywhere to get busier and more rushed, going here and there.
    Having little time for their God or their families.

    Having no time to tell others about the power of Jesus to change lives.
    I guess the question is, has the enemy been successful in his schemes?

    You be the judge!!!!!

    Does "BUSY" mean:
    B-eing U-nder the enemies Y-oke?

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