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Published 8- 27-10

Iyanla Vanzant, Sanaya Roman, I Ching


Dear Readers,

Change would be great if it didn't make everything so, well, different.
Am I the only one who eats the same breakfast cereal every morning
for years...and enjoys it? But we've just moved (okay, only about a
quarter of a mile), but still, almost everything in our lives is new,
different. It's been a good exercise in staying flexible and letting
go, while adjusting to multiple changes.

Staying open to newness requires the same open heart it takes to allow
all that is Divine into our lives. The Lord is never stale or repetitive!
Newness is an attribute of the spiritual. It's when we have faith, trust
in the Universe, and when we say "yes" to changes in ourselves and
our lives, that we allow Him to work freely within us and make us
new. He wills that our joy is complete. When we oil our rigid fear
of change with His newness, the renewal process begins.

- Lisa

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The process of life is pleased to announce:


...All parties who intend to evolve must maintain an open
mind and heart to what the new day brings. Those who
insist on digging in their heels, gritting their teeth, clutching,
clawing, grabbing in an attempt to hold on, will ultimately
end up where yesterday is today.

Excerpted from "Faith in the Valley,"
by Iyanla Vanzant
Simon & Schuster, 1998


Being open to accept new things, ideas, and people into
your life creates an ever expanding capacity for joy...

Embracing the new means being open
to having more in your life ...

Opening to new things means trusting and having faith in your-
self and others. It means believing that the future holds joy and
promise. It means believing in your growth and direction. The
heart is the center of faith, trust and belief. Opening to the new
means opening your heart. Be willing to step outside of your
normal limits and viewpoints and see the world in different ways.

Excerpted from "Living With Joy,"
by Sanaya Roman
H J Kramer, Inc., 1986


It is not easy to shift our of what we do and how
we do it. It is not easy to shift our views in order
to see new things in place of the old. It is often
confusing and frightening to make a shift away
from the familiar in order to embrace the
unknown. Yet it is a necessary labor we
must undertake in order to grow...

... There is a good thing about life and human
nature that we often forget: life and the humans
in it move like machinery. When you change
gears, everything connected changes too!
That is not necessarily a bad thing.

Excerpted from "Faith in the Valley,"
by Iyanla Van Zant
Simon & Schuster, 1998

The Last Word:
When the way comes to an end,
then change - having changed.
you pass through.

I Ching

From "The Little Zen Companion,"
by David Schiller
Workman Publishing, 1994






























































Utterly Random Bonus Quote:

The fundamental delusion of humanity
is to suppose that I am here and
you are out there.

Yasutani Roshi (1885-1973)
Founder of the Sanbo Kyodan Zen Buddhist organization


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