TODAY'S THEME:  Guidance: God is With You
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On Today's Theme:

God's guidance is always present. It's not always as loud (or annoying) as a GPS'
computer voice, but it never errs. When an obstacle in life's road flies up in front of
us and we feel panic begin to flood our minds, we can instead remember to let
God drive. He will always, always, always take us safely to our destination.
His love never swerves.

-Lisa Bowman

God is for you. Not "may be," not "has been," not "was," not
"would be, but "God is!" He is for you. Today. At this hour. At
this minute. As you read this sentence. No need to wait in line
or come back tomorrow. He is with you. He could not be closer
than He is at this second. His loyalty won't increase if you are
better nor lessen if you are worse. He is for you.

...God is with you. Knowing that, who is against you? Can death
harm you now? Can disease rob your life? Can your purpose be
taken or your value diminished? No. Though hell itself may set
itself against you, no one can defeat you. You are
protected. God is with you.

Excerpted from "For These Tough Times,"
by Max Lucado
W Publishing Group, 2006

I was kneeling in prayer in the chapel -- I was thinking of something
that was coming into my life that filled me with apprehension. I knew
it was not the will of God that I should be saved from the experience.
Even at that moment it was moving toward me. Suddenly God told
me the prayer He would listen to, and I said quickly, "Change no
circumstance of my life. Change me."

Sri Gyanamata
Hindu Guru and writer
Disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda


Praying for guidance and believing that we have received it
will bring our actions into alignment with Divine Will. Affirming
the truth about ourselves and life will set into motion the
spiritual principles of divine order and divine timing. We always
get exactly what we need when we need it, even when we are
not aware that we need it. Learning to live without having to
evaluate every appearance, while remaining focused on our
desire, knowing that it is an outcome of a good intent, leaves
no room for doubt to grow in the conscious mind...

When we expect to be guided and protected and to receive
the benefits of Divine Will, we can expect the results
of our endeavors to be favorable.

Excerpted from "One Day My Soul Just Opened Up,"
by Iyanla Vanzant
Simon & Schuster, 1998

And now, the Last Word:

God is not a vehicle.
Do not try to steer God.

From "Finding God in a Tangled World,"
by Juris Rubenis and Maris Subacs
Paraclete Press, 2007











































Bonus Quote:

Life is but a moment, death also is but another.

Dr. Robert Schuller
American Pastor and televangelist


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