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Welcome To The Religion Network!

I'm Lisa Bowman, editor of The Religion Network, a multi-faith Web site. This site provides inspirational quotes through an
exploration of a new spiritual theme every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Religion network is offered with the
conviction that inspiration can be found in all spiritual faiths, and furthermore, that finding the commonalities
among the world's religions is more healing than pointing up their differences.

Religion as an institution is a precious gift, blessing individuals and uplifting communities. However you choose to
worship, I hope this site enhances your journey. If you'd like to know my story, click on biography.



Henri Nouwen, The Talmud, White Eagle, Book of Psalms, Babaji, The Quran


Photo by Lisa Bowman                                               All rights reserved

The question is not "How am I to find God?" but "How am I
to let myself be found by him?" The question is not  "How
am I to know God?" but "How am I to let myself be known
by God?" And finally, the question is not "How am I to love
God?" but "How am I to let myself be loved by God?"
God is looking into the distance for me, trying to
find me, and longing to bring me home...

It might sound strange, but God wants to find me as much
as if not more than, I want to find God. Yes, God needs me
as much as I need God. God is not the patriarch who stays
home, doesn't move, and expects his children to come to him,
apologize for their aberrant behaviour, beg for forgiveness,
and promise to do better. To the contrary, he leaves the
house, ignoring his dignity by running towards them,
pays no heed to apologies and promises of
change, and brings them to the table
richly prepared for them.

From "The Dance of Life: Weaving Sorrows and
Blessings into One Joyful Step" by Henri J. M. Nouwen.
Published by Darton, Longman and Todd, 2005

Henri J. M. Nouwen (1932-1996)
A Dutch Catholic priest who authored 40 books


Everything is linked with everything else down to the lowest ring on the chain,
and the true essence of God is above as well as below, in the heavens and on
the earth, and nothing exists outside Him.

--from the Talmud
(a record of rabbinic discussions which pertain to Jewish law,
ethics, customs and history)


God never fails his children. Do not seek for things to work
according to your desires; or for your circumstances to be
arranged according to your earthly will. But have faith that
God is leading you on the path to ultimate happiness.

From 'The Quiet Mind, Sayings of
White Eagle' (The White Eagle
Publishing Trust)

Photo by Lisa Bowman                                  All rights reserved


  I bless the Lord who gives me counsel:
in the night also my heart instructs me.
I keep the Lord always before me;
because he is at my right hand,
I shall not be moved.

Psalms 16:7-8
The Holy Bible
Revised Standard Edition


He is the Lord of Universe. He enters into people's hearts and changes their thoughts.
All changes taking place now are due to a simple motion of the His finger. Wherever
He goes, He puts new consciousness in people and brings spiritual change.

From the teaching of Babaji, who lived in the Himalayas.
He was acknowledged by his followers as Shiva Mahavatar
Babaji, the eternal manifestation of God in human form.
He was seen from 1970 to 1984.



The Last Word:

Absolutely, everything in the heavens
and the earth belong to God,
and absolutely, God's promise is truth.

 ---from the Quran 10:55


























































































Random Bonus Quote:

The best index of a person's character is how he treats people who
can't do him any good and how he treats people who can't fight back.

Abigail Van Buren (born 1918)
Born Pauline Philips;
Advice columnist