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But the ability to say that Jesus is Lord, like the ability to speak the name "Father" of
God, is not merely an identification made of two Divine Persons through "the Spirit
who reaches the depths of everything, even the depths of God" (1 Corinthians 2:10).
This identification cannot be made without a corresponding gift enabling one to
surrender his own life into the hands of Jesus as his Lord. The title itself presumes a
surrender if the user of the title is describing the condition of his heart. One has
ceased being lord of his own life and has desisted in trying to exercise sovereignty in
his own regard.

The Conspiracy of God, The Holy Spirit in Men by John C. Haughey, S.J. (Doubleday and Company)
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Photo by Stephen Bowman
Photo by Stephen Bowman

    And now the Last Word:

    Since God offers to manage our affairs for us, let us once and for all hand them over
    to His infinite wisdom, in order to occupy ourselves only with Himself and what belongs
    to Him.
    --Jean Pierre. de Caussade (1675-1751)
Although Christianity, Islam and Judaism all accept  belief in one God, the concept of One God in three
persons: the Trinity of the  Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is uniquely Christian.
'For the Spirit scrutinizes everything, even the depths of God.
Among human beings, who knows what pertains to a person,
except the spirit of the person that is within? Similarly, no one
knows what pertains to God except the Spirit of God. We have not
received the spirit of the world but the Spirit that is from God, so
that we may understand the things freely given us by God. And
we speak about them, not with words taught by human wisdom,
but with words taught by the Spirit, describing spiritual realities in
spiritual terms.'
--1 Corinthians 2:10-13, New American Bible
Photo by Stephen Bowman
'It happened in those days that Jesus came from Nazareth of
Galilee and was baptized in the Jordan by John. On coming up
out of the water he saw the heavens being torn open and the
Spirit, like a dove, descending upon him. And a voice came from
the heavens, "You are my beloved Son; with you I am well
--Luke 1:9-11, New American Bible
'The Father and I are one.' --John 10:30, New American Bible

    Andrei Rublev painted this gentle icon of the Holy
    Trinity circa 1425. He uses the Trinity to explain the
    mystery of the three angels who appear to Abraham
    at the Oak of Mamre and announce the birth of Issac
    in Genesis 18. The love and connectedness of the
    three 'angels' is clearly expressed in the similarity
    of their faces and the way their body language refers
    one to the other. As in any icon, each color, item and
    gesture is highly significant and meant to be read
    almost like a text. Here, however, we are presenting
    the more mysterious, metaphysical meaning of this
    precious Russian icon. --Lisa Bowman

    'Within the circle of the Holy Trinity,
    all true knowledge descends into the
    heart. The Russian mystics describe
    prayer as descending with the mind
    into the heart and standing there in
    the presence of God. Prayer takes
    place where heart speaks to heart,
    that is, where the heart of God is united
    with the heart that prays. Thus knowing
    God becomes loving God, just as being
    known by God is being loved by God.'

    --Behold the Beauty of the Lord (Ave Maria Press)
      by Henri J. M. Nouwen (1932-1996)
Holy Trinity by Andrei Rublev (1360-1430)
The Nicene Creed arose out of the
Council of Nicea, which convened in A. D.
325. The Council condemned Arianism, a
movement which taught that Jesus
became the Son of God through divine
adoption, instead of being divinely
begotten of, and one with, the Father. It
also clearly defines the concept of the
"We believe in one God, the Father,
the Almighty, maker of heaven and
earth and of all that is seen and
unseen. We believe in one Lord,
Jesus Christ, the only Son of God,
eternally begotten of the Father, God
from God, Light from Light, true God
from true God, begotten, not made,
one in being with the Father...
...We believe in the Holy Spirit, the
Lord, the giver of life, who proceeds
from the Father and the Son. With
the Rather and the Son he is
worshipped and glorified. He has
spoken through the Prophets. (....)"