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A psalm! Sing to Hashem a new song for He has done wonders;
His own right hand and holy arm have helped Him. Hashem has
made known His salvation; in the sight of the nations He revealed
His righteousness. He recalled His kindness and his faithfulness to
the House of Israel; all ends of the earth have seen the salvation of
our God. Call out to Hashem, all the earth; open your mouths in joy-
ous songs and play music. Play music to Hashem on a harp, with
harp and sound of chanted praise. With trumpets and shofar sound,
call out before the King, Hashem. The sea and its fullness will roar,
the inhabited land and those who dwell therein; rivers will clap
hands, mountains will exult together before Hashem, for He
will have arrived to judge the earth. He will judge the world
with righteousness and peoples with fairness.

Psalm 98
The Stone Edition Tanach


A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer,
it sings because it has a song.

Maya Angelou (1928-    )
Preeminent American poet

Sing God a simple song
*Lauda, Laude...
Make it up as you go along
Lauda, Laude...
Sing like you like to sing
God loves all simple things
For God is simplest of all.

I will sing the Lord a new song
To praise Him, to bless Him, to bless the Lord.
I will sing His praises while I live
All of my days.

Blessed is the man who loves the Lord,
Blessed is the man who praises Him.
Lauda, Lauda, Laude...
And walks in His ways.

I will lift up my eyes
To the hills from whence comes my help
I will lift up my voice to the Lord
Singing Lauda, Laude.

For the Lord is my shade,
Is the shade upon my right hand
And the sun shall not smite me by day
Nor the moon by night...
Blessed is the man who loves the Lord --
Lauda, Lauda, Laude --
And walks in his ways.

Lauda, Lauda, Laude.
Lauda, Lauda di da di day...
All of my days.

*Lauda: Of liturgical origin, "Lauda," or its plural form "Laude"
refers to a type of Italian poetry or a non liturgical devotion
sung in praise of Christ, the Virgin Mary or the saints.

From "Mass" by Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990)
(and Stephen Schwartz)
Influential American conductor, author and pianist


You may think that music can only be heard by the ear
or perceived by other sense organs. But music can be
heard in the spirit and the soul as well. Many mystics
say that God created all creation with music, for He is
music itself...The music of the spirit has to do with
perfect balance and harmony in all things...Once we
find it for ourselves, we see in it all else as well.
All is created anew.

Excerpted from "The Joy of Music Ministry,"
by John Michael Talbot
Resurrection Press, 2001

And now, the Last Word:

He who sings, prays twice.

St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430 AD)
Bishop of Hippo in Algeria;
philosopher and theologian


















































Bonus quote:

The purest and most thoughtful minds
are those which love colors the most.

John Ruskin (1819-1900)
Art critic, author, poet and artist


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