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Lord, when I awake in silence
I can lie in my bed and listen
It is my time to be quiet in my awakening
To listen...

In the quiet of my silence,
Before the sounds of the day engulf me
It is my time to listen
To You.

So speak to me in the morning, dear Lord
Tell me how to serve today
Tell me for whom I should pray
Tell me what songs to sing
And I will rise in prayer and song
To praise you all day long.

Kathy Ganino


From the depths of silence the geyser of God's bliss
shoots up unfailingly and flows over man's being.

Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952)
Indian Yogi and Guru

For one learns to be a Hearer who is No-Hearer, and one learns
to forget all words and listen only to the One Word which seems
to be No-Word. One opens up the inner door of his heart to the
infinite silences of the Spirit, out of whose abysses love wells up
without fail and gives itself to all. In His silence, the meaning of
every sound is finally clear. Only in His silence can the truth of
words be distinguished, not in their separateness, but in their
pointing to the central unity of Love. All words, then,
say one thing only: that all is Love...

Thomas Merton (1915-1968)
Influential Catholic author; Trappist monk
Excerpted from "Creative Silence,"
Published in the "Bloomin' Newman"
University of Louisville, 1968


My silence, like an expanding sphere, spreads everywhere.

My silence spreads like a radio song, above, beneath,
left and right, within and without.

My silence spreads like a wildfire of bliss: the dark
thickets of sorrow and tall oaks of pride
are all burning up.

My silence, like the ether, passes through everything,
carrying the songs of earth, atoms, and stars into
the halls of His infinite mansion.

Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952)
Founder of the Self-Realization Fellowship
Excerpted from "Metaphysical Meditations"

(The word of God) then said, "Go out (of the cave) and stand on
the mountain before Hashem." And behold, Hashem was passing,
and a great, powerful wind, smashing mountains and breaking
rocks, went before Hashem. "Hashem is not in the wind!" (Elijah
was told). After the wind came an earthquake. "Hashem is not
in the earthquake." After the earthquake came a fire. "Hashem
is not in the fire." After the fire came a still, thin sound.

It happened that when Elijah heard (this), he wrapped his face
in his mantle, and he went out and stood by the cave's entrance;
and behold, a voice (spoke) unto him, and said,
"Why are you here, Elijah?"

1 Kings 19: 11-13
The Stone Edition Tanach


Perhaps it would help us to hear more regularly the story of Elijah
on Mount Horeb, waiting for the Lord to pass by. The Lord, you
remember, was not in the great wind, or the earthquake, or the
fire, but, as the NRSV translates it, in the "sound of sheer silence."
The church's long history of contemplative practice seems to suggest
that there is some knowledge of God that can come only in
stillness - silence large and long and intentional enough to
open a sacred space for the Holy One to enter.

Excerpted from "Silence to Dwell In,"
by Marilyn Chandler McEntyre
Christianity Today, August 7, 2000


And now, the Last Word:

Somewhere we know that without
silence words lose their meaning,
that without listening speaking no
longer heals, that without distance
closeness cannot cure.

Henri J. M. Nouwen (1932-1996)
Dutch Catholic priest and author

















































Bonus quote:

The great soul that sits on the throne of the universe is not,
never was, and never will be, in a hurry.

Josiah Gilbert Holland (1819-1881)
American novelist and poet


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