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A Greek Orthodox icon: On the right, Saint Procula, whose feast day
is celebrated on October 27th in the Greek Orthodox Church.
The Coptic Church reveres both Pontius Pilate and Claudia
Procula as saints, celebrating their feast day on June 25. They
are not venerated in the Roman Catholic Church.


Who was Claudia Procula? It is believed that she was the
wife of Pontius Pilate, although she goes unnamed in the
Bible's single reference to her in the Book of Matthew.
Yet that reference has led many people, over almost
2000 years, to believe that not only did she attempt to
stop Jesus' execution, but that she, and perhaps even
her infamous husband, eventually became Christians.


"While (Pilate) was still seated on the bench,
his wife sent him a message, "Have nothing
to do with that righteous man. I suffered much
in a dream today because of him."

Matthew 27:19
New American Bible


Claudia Procula

She knew the Christ

arrived in dreams to wrestle

the world from cruel denial.

She touched her husband's arm,

pleading to have nothing

to do with the man.

Her husband reflected

on her words,

looked into the face

of God, and with washed

palms handed Him

to the people

who crucified Jesus.

The end did not come then.

All through Friday into Saturday

Pilate and his wife did not sleep.

Come Sunday, the soldiers

cursed the angels who had taken

the body. Pilate fumed over

the blunder. How did this happen?

Soon after, Claudia Procula

found Jesus resurrected in Galilee.

He spoke to her as a witness.

She returned home

and ministered to her husband.

Rome sentenced Pilate to death,

under Christ's pardon.

Some have said

Claudia and their children

perished that day --

their family body laid to rest

in the tomb of the Messiah.

Joan Noeldechen
Read more of Joan's poetry at:


The name " Claudia" appears only once in the Bible:

"Eubulus, Pudens, Linus and Claudia send their
greetings, and so all the other Christians."
2 Timothy 4:21
Is this Claudia Procula?

Claudia Gerini as Claudia Procula in Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ"


First-century manuscripts found in a Belgian monastery
purport to be written by Claudia Procula and Pontius Pilate.

An American scholar, Catherine van Dyke, first translated
the letters into English. They were published in the magazine
"Pictorial Review," in April, 1929. The English translation is
available in book form under the title, "Relics of
Repentance," published by Issana Press.

The original letters are housed in the Vatican.
I leave it to you to solve the mystery of Claudia Procula. --Lisa

O Jesus, Infinite Beauty, beloved of my heart, please create in me
your image and likeness, simple soul that I may be. Fill me with
your Holy Spirit, so that in looking at me you will see yourself.
Holy Friend, I accept that her on earth I cannot contemplate the
full radiance of your Divine face, cannot touch your gentle hand
with my own. But I ask you to wrap me in your love, until all
that I am can be lost in you, when I stand before you, face to face.

St. Therese of Lisieux (1872-1897)
From "Conversations with Therese of Lisieux:
A Mystic for Our Time," Liguori Publications, 2001


And now the Last Word:

Make me pure Lord:
Thou are holy:
Make me meek, Lord:
Thou wert lowly.

Gerard Manley Hopkins (1884-1889)
English poet, Jesuit priest






























































Bonus Quote:

Remember, God doesn't seem to call
the equipped; rather, He equips the called.




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