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WELCOME! I'm Lisa Bowman. The Religion Network is an interfaith web site providing daily inspiration, quotes and religious resources. Faith and religion are precious gifts that bless.
However you worship, I hope this site enhances your journey. Let us meet regularly and build
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Do not be provoked by evildoers;
do not envy those who do wrong.
Like grass they wither quickly;
like green plants they wilt away.

Trust in the Lord and do good that you
may dwell in the land and live secure.
Find your delight in the Lord
who will give you your heart's desire.

Commit your way to the Lord;
trust that God will act
And make your integrity shine like dawn,
your vindication like noonday.

Be still before the Lord;
wait for God.
Do not be provoked by the prosperous,
nor by malicious schemers.

Psalm 37: 1-7
New American BIble


Some days we may feel hollow, exhausted, and joyless, not
really our true selves. On such days, even if we try to be in
touch with others, our efforts will be in vain. The more we try,
the more we fail. When this happens, we should stop trying to
be in touch with what is outside of ourselves and come back
to being in touch with ourselves, to "being alone." We should
close the door onto society, come back to ourselves, and practice
conscious breathing, observing deeply what is going on inside and
around us. We accept all the phenomena we observe, say "hello" to
them, smile at them. We do well to do simple things, like walking
or sitting meditation, washing our clothes, cleaning the floor,
making tea, and cleaning the bathroom in mindfulness.
If we do these things, we will restore
the richness of our spiritual life.

Excerpted from "Thich Nhat Hanh: Essential Writings"
Orbis Books, 2004

For many people, one of the most frustrating
aspects of life is not being to understand other
people's behavior. We see them as "guilty"
instead of "innocent." It's tempting to focus
on people's seemingly irrational behavior --
their comments, actions, mean-spirited acts,
selfish behavior -- and get extremely frustrated.
If we focus on behavior too much, it can seem like
other people are making us miserable.

...It's true that other people do do weird things
(who doesn't?), but we are the ones getting
upset, so we are the ones who need to change.
I'm not talking about accepting, ignoring, or
advocating violence or any other deviant behavior.
I'm merely talking about learning to be less bothered
by the actions of people.

...Underneath even the most annoying
behavior is a frustrated person who
is crying out for compassion.

The next time...when someone acts in a strange
way, look for the innocence in his behavior. If
you're compassionate, it won't be hard to see.
When you see the innocence, the same things that
have always frustrated you no longer do. And when
you're not frustrated by the actions of others, it's
a lot easier to stay focused on the beauty of life.

Excerpted from "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...
and it's all small stuff," by Richard Carlson, Ph. D.

Hyperion, 1997


Whenever your mind wanders in the maze of myriad worldly
thoughts, patiently lead it back to remembrance of the
indwelling Lord. In time you will find Him ever with you -- a
God who talks with you in your own language, a God whose
face peeps at you from every flower and shrub and blade of
grass. Then you shall say, "I am free! I am clothed in the
gossamer of Spirit; I fly from earth to heaven on wings of
light." And what joy will consume your being!

Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952)
Indian Guru and Yogi

Give up your anger, abandon your wrath;
do not be provoked; it brings only harm.
Those who do evil will be cut off,
but those who wait for the Lord
will possess the land.

Those whose steps are guided by the Lord,
whose way God approves,
May stumble, but they will never fall,
for the Lord holds their hand.

Psalm 37: 8-9, 23-24
New American Bible


In order to find God in ourselves, we must stop
looking at ourselves, stop checking and verifying
ourselves in the mirror of our own futility, and be
content to be in Him and to do whatever He wills,
according to our limitations, judging our acts not
in the light of our own illusions, but in the light of
His reality which is all around us in the things
and people we live with...

We have to learn to commune with ourselves before
we can communicate with other men and with God.
A man who is not at peace with himself necessarily
projects his interior fighting into the society of
those he lives with, and spreads a contagion
of conflict all around him.

Excerpted from "No Man is an Island,"
by Thomas Merton
Harcourt, Inc.

If we know that the past also lies in the present, we
understand that we are able to change the past by
transforming the present. The ghosts of the past,
which follow us into the present, also belong to the
present moment. To observe them deeply, recognize
their nature, and transform them, is to transform the
past ... All we need be responsible for is the present
moment. Only the present in within our reach. To
care for the present is to care for the future ...

Life is not a particular place or a destination.
Life is a path. To practice walking meditation
is to go without needing to arrive. Every step
can bring us peace, joy, and liberation.

Excerpted from "Thich Nhat Hanh: Essential Writings"


My soul, be at rest in God alone,
From whom comes my salvation.
God alone is my rock and salvation,
my secure height; I shall never fall.
My safety and glory are with God,
my strong rock and refuge.
Trust in God at all times, my people!
Pour out your hearts to God our refuge!

Psalm 62: 6-9
New American Bible


And now the Last Word:

Today I will learn to trust solutions, rather than be
victimized by problems. I will not use problems to
prove I am helpless, picked on, or martyred. I will
not point to my problems to prove how awful life
is. I will learn to trust the flow of problems and
solutions. God, help me solve the problems I
can solve today. Help me let go of the rest.
Help me believe in my ability to tackle and
solve problems. Help me trust the flow.
For each problem, there is a solution.

From "The Language of Letting Go,
by Melody Beattie
Hazeldon, 1990



























































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