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Religion as an institution is a precious gift, blessing individuals and uplifting communities. However you choose to
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Published 6-10-09
Dear Readers,

It's important to be aware of angels in our lives because they are a precious
gift that God bestows upon us. While we cannot command them, we can speak
with them like close friends on a daily basis, developing a relationship that is
sanctioned with holiness. They have been placed at our side by none other than
the Divine Creator. With what possible arrogance can we ignore them?

- Lisa

Behold! I send an angel before you to protect you on the way,
and to bring you to the place that I have made ready. Beware of
him -- hearken to his voice, do not rebel against him, for he will
not forgive your willful sin -- for my Name is within him.

Exodus 23:20-21
The Stone Edition Tanach
Mesorah Publications, 2005


To our prayers they unite theirs; they inspire
holy thought or whisper helpful inspirations...
To every want of the soul through life they
minister; that they may assist it to arrive
safely at its journey's end.

Benedictine Order of Perpetual Adoration
From "Guardian Angels," by Elizabeth Ratisseau
Laughing Elephant, 1999

"Guardian Angel"            by Elvira Amrhein


NOTE FROM LISA: I believe we receive many more angelic contacts than we are aware of.
In the following two stories, Stacey demonstrates a beautiful sensitivity to their presence.


I had an angelic experience once (well a few times now, but this particular time was very powerful).
I was in a moment of utter emotional despair, literally walking down the street, very early in the
morning, crying uncontrollably asking the Divine, "What should I do?" I was pleading, begging really,
to know what the right thing was that I should do. At that time, it felt like my world was dissolving
under my feet and soon I might just implode, I felt I was without any control. In my process of soul
searching, I had quietly said out loud, "What should I do?"... but before I could finish that sentence,
I was interrupted with a voice so clear I turned around to see if someone were next to me. The voice
answered, "Love yourself." It was not my voice, you know that little voice inside your head? It was not
mine. It was so powerful that it stopped my tears. Now, I can't say that all was rainbows and roses after
that, but it sure did shake me up and started me gently and slowly on a new path to looking after myself.

I'll share another story:

When I was at Cal State University at Northridge, I had one class that caused me a lot of anxiety
and stress. I knew that those feelings were getting in my way of learning and so one day as I was
walking from my car to class, I began talking to (Archangel) Michael. Asking if he would please accom-
pany me to class, help keep me strong and confident etc., I chatted with him for a few minutes, then
promptly started thinking about something else. As I reached the outer courtyard of the building where
I was headed, I suddenly felt the massive presence of Michael walking behind me. I thought for sure that
when I passed an upcoming large set of glass doors, if I turned and looked into the glass I would absolutely
see him there behind me. (He wasn't there, in the glass. I had to look though!) He was so tangible. And I'm
not sure if you've ever heard that when you find a penny that that is confirmation of angelic presence?
(I've been finding pennies my whole life). Anyway, when I entered my classroom I was practically giddy,
and when I got to my seat guess what I found? A penny. Right on my seat. Needless to say, I had
a great class with more confidence that I'd ever had previously!! Gotta love my angels!!



Angels speak to us with the voice of the God who sent them.

From "The Angels' Little Instruction Book,"
by Eileen Elias Freeman
Warner Books, 1994

The Last Word :

We are never closer to our angels
than when we pray to God.

From "The Angels' Little Instruction Book,"
by Eileen Elias Freeman
























































































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